MK-800 Ink Filling Machine

1 liter Ink pouch
2 liter MBIS ink pouch
HP 8000 500ml ink pouch
220ml/440/600ml ink pouch
HP 9000S/10000S 1 liter ink Pouch
EPSON GS & MUTOH 1 liter ink pouch
Assembled 220ml / 440ml / 600ml cartridge
EPSON and HP cartridges
You can fill
Any types of pouch and cartridge


Dimension 41 X 25 X 42.5 cm Net weight 13.0kg
Packing size 45 X 30 X 46 cm Gross weight 15.0kg
Electrical requirement 100V or 220V Power consumption Max. 75W
Pump type Peristaltic Pump Max., Filling Capacity 2500ml
Max., Load wegiht 4.0kg


1. For empty Ink pouches.
  • 220ml ink pouch
  • 440ml ink pouch
  • 1 litter ink pouch
  • 2 liter ink pouch for MBIS system
2. For Assembled Cartridges.
  • Cartridge holder
  • 220ml assembled cartridge
  • 440ml assembled cartridge
  • 440ml assembled cartridge for UV